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An Overview of Data in SIRIS

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This page includes a high-level overview of the data we have in SIRIS and our subject areas. This is not an all-inclusive guide – we recommend exploring each subject area adhoc space on your own, and reaching out to our team for a training session or “tour” of SIRIS!

The SIRIS Data Ecosystem

The visual below summarizes what data areas each subject area falls into. As you can see, many subject areas combine data from multiple sources – for example, the Student Class Enrollment subject area joins student, course/class, and academic organization data.

What is a Subject Area? 

In SIRIS, a Subject Area is a specific topic of data that has been designed and curated. For example, the Student Advising Subject Area contains data about students’ advisors, including relevant information about the students and advisors themselves. Subject Areas can be queried by creating an adhoc report in OBIEE; the SIRIS team uses these subject areas to create the reports and dashboards accessed by our Dashboard and Aggregate users. Below is a list of all the subject areas in SIRIS and a short description:

STU - ADV - Student Advising
Detailed information on student advising, including advisor information and student academic plans.
Advising Data Reference Guide

STU - CLS - Class Offering
Classes and courses offered, including zero enrollment class section.

STU - CLS - Student Class Enrollment
Student enrollment in classes, including drops, waitlist, units, etc.

STU - ENR - Census Enrollment
Student term/plan enrollment as captured on specific census dates.

STU - ENR - Plan Enrollment
Student plan enrollment information, general student academic and personal information, all Academic Structure fields.

STU - INSTR - Instruction by Any Class Section
Detailed information on who teaches, including enrollment by section.

STU - INSTR - Instruction by Main Class Section
Detailed information on who teaches, including main class enrollment.

STU – PostDoc – Postdoctoral Appointments
Information on postdoctoral appointments, including dates and sponsor details.

STU - REF - Academic Structure
Reference information about academic careers, programs, plans, degrees, terms, acad orgs, etc.

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