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What you'll find

FAQs, how-to guides, video tutorials, best practices, and information about data governance.


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If you are new to SIRIS - Welcome!

Below are various tools to help you get started. 

How-To Guides

SIRIS 1-Page Overview: Simple overview of navigating and using for SIRIS data.

Common Terms in SIRIS Student Analytics: List of terms commonly seen or used in SIRIS Student Analytics.

How to Paste Multiple Values into Prompts: How to copy and paste multiple EMPLIDs (up to 10,000) from an Excel file into a SIRIS prompt or filter

Dashboards in SIRIS: Summary of the eight dashboards currently available.

Census Help: Details on the many ways to count students at Stanford, as well as guidance about when to use what types of counts.

Dashboard Training Exercise Book: Contains a set of exercises and answers to guide users through the SIRIS dashboards.

SIRIS Dashboards Reference Guide: Contains a basic overview of what's in the first four SIRIS dashboards, basic instructions for using an OBI Dashboard, and guides for understanding Academic Structure or using the Data Dictionary.

Video Tutorials

Geometric woodcut relief


Finding your Coterms, using 'My Department'

(coming soon)



Finding your Minors, using 'My Department' (coming soon)

We're working on several more short videos to guide SIRIS users. They will be posted here. 

Best Practices

Risks and Best Practices for Working with Student Data: Primer on considerations tied to using student data.

Data Governance

Data Governance Center: Central repository of all data element definitions and relationships. Use it to look up the meaning of unfamiliar column names and data fields. You must be on a Stanford network (either on campus or through VPN) in order to access the site.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please send us a note and we’ll do our best to track down the information and add it.