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Welcome to SIRIS!

SIRIS is a tool designed to improve student reporting and analytics capabilities at Stanford University.

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What is SIRIS?

SIRIS (Student Integrated Reporting and Information System) contains information about Stanford’s:

  • Students (enrollments, academic plans, & degree conferrals)
  • Courses & Classes (including cross-listings)
  • Instructors
  • Advisors
  • PostDocs
  • Quarterly Census Counts

One of the main advantages of SIRIS is its restructuring of the underlying data, which makes point-in-time reporting and longitudinal analyses possible. SIRIS also adds hierarchies that enable aggregation across groups (such as all professional degrees, or all graduate students in a given department).

If you are currently using the “Student Administration” reports at or if you regularly access the “Campus Community” or PeopleSoft functions through Axess, you may be interested in SIRIS.

SIRIS is sponsored by the University Budget Office and Business Affairs, and is the product of an ongoing collaborative effort between Institutional Research and Decision Support and the Enterprise Technology group within University IT, in consultation with the Registrar’s Office and representatives from the Schools and VP areas.

Web Accessibility

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